We have known Gérard Pierre for over twenty years. We first became acquantied through mutual friends and then, after time, we were blessed with one of the most wonderful, inspiring and significant business/personal relationships we could have imagined... Gérard became our designer, our craftsman, our furniture builder and our calm in the entire storm that goes with such endeavors. Gérard is absolutely the most gifted and talented designer, artist and craftsperson (all rolled into one) that either of us have ever had the privilege to work with.

Gérard does not have the words "it can't be done" in his vocubulary. Everything is possible when Gérard is involved.

We own a fairly typical, 3-level, 4 bedroom home on a lake here in Minnesota. The home was built in 1989 and featured the then popular oak throughout the home... floors, cabinets, built-ins, railings, etc. By 2001 we were ready for a change. We said to Gérard "We love the 'English' look... could you give us some sketches of ideas to change the layout, change the feel in our family room and our living room?" When the sketches (a work of art themselves) arrived, we were thrilled. The before and after pictures of the finished product tell the story.

We highly recommend Gérard Pierre and CBF by Pierre to anyone who desires the highest in quality, professionalism and attention to detail in the design and implementation of home remodeling, furniture, or that little "pet project" you've never figured a way to get off of the ground.

Dennis Babcock
Diana Pierce Babcock