I first worked with Gérard Pierre in early 1983. This is prior to the founding of CBF by Pierre and Gérard was working for another company. I had commissioned a bedroom set to be made which was a copy of a very elite Italian furniture design firm. The design was very complex and very difficult to build. Gérard was on the project and executed the job flawlessly. Needless to say, since then I have asked Gérard to create a wide range of furniture and cabinets.

Gérard and CBF by Pierre have created more than twenty different pieces of furniture and built-in cabinets for my residences. The most recent, a wall unit installed this past December has brought raves from everyone who has seen it. The creativity and vision that Gérard has is truly extraordinary. There is no limit to the myriad of materials and finishes available to accomplish a particular look. Gérard's ability to then incorporate unusual and interesting design concepts yet retain function is exceptional.

I was an art minor in college and have a number of strong ideas regarding design, scale and concept. Gérard Pierre has been amazing in his ability to take these ideas and create literal works of art. I have also observed how well he works with interior designers. Gérard's strong sense of scale and environment has often been extremely helpful with regard to space, vertical scale and room layout.

I can say that it has been a distinct pleasure to have had the opportunity to commission Gérard for so many great furnishings for more than twenty-five years. I look forward to continuing this exceptional relationship.

Richard A. Broms